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Building Regulations & Planning Applications

Getting It Right – Right From the Start

Building Regulations

Before spending a penny on materials and starting work it is crucial to know that you are allowed to do what you want to, and the way you want to do it. This is where we can help. Before you commit to any actual building work we can check your plans, ensure they meet all the current UK building regulations and, if there are any problems, work with you to update the plans.

It’s far easier (and cheaper!) to fix the plans than to have a building inspector insist you pull down completed work because it isn’t right.

Planning Permission

Once your plans have been checked, you need to know whether you need planning permission for your project, and if so apply in the correct way.

In recent years there have been changes to the planning rules that allow a greater amount of work to be undertaken without the need for a complex planning application and approval. This type of work comes under the Permitted Development rules. From your plans we will be able to determine whether this applies to your project.

If you do need planning permission, we can manage the entire process on your behalf. Getting the application right from the outset can save weeks of your time as the wheels of the local Planning Department turn slowly and rejected applications take time to be returned and resubmitted. Using our experience of gaining approval and planning permissions we are able to make the whole experience as straight-forward and stress free as possible.